SubMillimeter ArraySubMillimeter Array Project


169 Holography Analysis Software - HOLISv2T.K. Sridharan09/2020 pdf
168 Case and Requirements for SWARM-Based Near-Field HolographyT.K. Sridharan09/2020 pdf
167 SMA Alignment Optical InsertL. Zeng, S. Paine & R. Rao09/2019 pdf
166 A METHOD FOR HANDLING SMA DATA FROM SWARM CORRELATOR -Solving for bandpass of high- or full- spectral resolution dataJun-Hui Zhao10/2017 pdf
165 Science with the wideband Submillimeter Array: A Strategy for the Decade 2017-2027David Wilner01/2017 pdf
164 Systematic shift in 225 GHz optical depth measurements on MaunakeaSimon Radford03/2016 pdf
163 Performance Assessment of a Beamformer for the Submillimeter ArrayAndre Young, et al 02/2016 pdf
162 A TOOL OF SEPARATING SPECTRAL WINDOWS IN MIRIAD - Pre-processing SMA data taken from the Hybrid SWARM+ASIC correlator for further calibrations and imaging Jun-Hui Zhao 09/2015 pdf
161 STATUS OF SMA MIRIAD PIPELINE - for handling new format data taken in various SMA correlator modes during the science operations Jun-Hui Zhao,
Glen R. Petitpas
06/2015 pdf
160 Calibrating Dual Rx Polarization Data  Revised 08/04/2015 Chunhua Qi, Ken Young 07/2015 pdf
159 Analysis of Tests Conducted on SMA Bus Tubes from Antenna 3 George Nystrom 06/2010 pdf
158 Analysis of Tests Conducted on SMA Bus Tubes From Antenna 1 George Nystrom 03/2008 pdf
157 Testing of NYTEX Tubes from Antenna 1 and Spare Tube Inventory George Nystrom 03/2008 pdf
156 Status of the SMA Polarimetry System D.P. Marrone, R. Rao 03/2005 pdf
155 Performance of the SMA During Observations of BR1202-0725 Eric Keto 11/2004 pdf
154 Total Power Atmospheric Phase Correction at the SMA James Battat 12/2004 pdf
153 Transporter Design Study Report Revised 11/06/07 George Nystrom 10/2004 pdf
152 The am Atmospheric Model Scott Paine 03/2018 pdf
151 Testing of NYTEX Tubes from Antenna 3 and Spare Tube Inventory George Nystrom 06/2003 pdf
150 Elevation Drive Screw Bearing and Lubrication Analysis George Nystrom 03/2003 pdf
149 Optimal Smoothing Algorithm for Water Vapor Monitor Data Martina C. Wiedner 06/2002 pdf
148 Noise Characterization and Allan Variances of Water Vapor Monitors Martina C. Wiedner 06/2002 pdf
147 Holographic surface Quality Measurements of The SubMillimeter Array Antennas T.K. Sridharan,
M. Saito, N.A. Patel
09/2002 pdf
146 SMA- Antenna transporter drive system test, evaluation and analysis George Nystrom 04/2002 pdf
145 Testing Of NYTEX Tubes From Antenna 1 After 3 Years George Nystrom 03/2002 pdf
144 Sun Hazards and Solar Observing with The SMA Scott Paine 04/2001 pdf
143 Design and Performance of a Digital PLL for Gunn Oscillators Revised:09/03 Todd R. Hunter 01/2001 pdf
142 Requirements for Initial SMA Science Observations David Wilner, Mark Gurwell, Paul Ho   06/2000 pdf
141 Using Reflective Memory Charlie Katz  05/2000 pdf & html
140 Commanding the Digital Servo Control Board with the Palm Pilot Todd R. Hunter 04/2000 pdf
139 Point Control Software for the SMA Antennas Nimesh Patel 04/2000 pdf
138 The SMA On-Line Data Archive and Storage System Zhao et al 01/2000 pdf
137 SMA Backup Structure Loads for Rotational Accelerations William N. Davis 08/1999 html
136 Connecting the CSO and JCMT to the SMA Martina C. Wiedner 03/1999 pdf
135 Librdsmafits.a: a C Library for Reading SMA FITS tables T Tsutsumi, JH Zhao 09/1999 html
134 Shifted m-sequences for Phase Switching  Eric Keto 04/1999 pdf
133 Useful Information on Servicing National Instruments ''slot-zero'' i386 VXI Controllers running LynxOS 2.4.0  Todd R. Hunter 07/1999 html
132 Design and Initial Implementation of Diagnostic & Error Reporting System Qizhou Zhang 02/1999 pdf
131 SMA Synthesized Beam Characteristics David Wilner 01/1998 pdf
130 Dynamic Effects of Elevation Counterweights William N. Davis 01/1999 html
129 Polarimetry with the SMA: Workshop Summary David Wilner 11/1998 pdf
128 SMA Antenna Six Point Tie-Down Evaluation William N. Davis 10/1998 html
127 Lunar and Planetary Fluxes at 230 GHz: Models for the Haystack 15-m Baseline Mark A. Gurwell 10/1998 pdf
126 SMA Interferometry Data Transfer and Storage Jun-Hui Zhao 08/1998 pdf
125 What is the Expected Sensitivity of the SMA? David Wilner 04/1998 pdf
124 Reference frame Corrections due to Polar Motion Nimesh Patel 06/1998 pdf
123 Estimates of Haystack Opacity at 225GHz Mark Gurwell 06/1998 pdf
122 Temperature Measurements in the Mauna Kea Fiber Optic Conduits Eric Silverberg 05/1998 html
121 Some Thoughts on The SGH Test Data on NYTEX Tubes  Jim Moran 05/1998 pdf
120 SGH Test Program Results on NYTEX Tubes
Additional Test Results
Joseph Antebi 03/1998 pdf
120 Images Referenced in Memo 120 Joseph Antebi 03/1998 html
120 Appendix to MEMO 120 Joseph Antebi 03/1998 pdf
119 SMA Backup Structure Tube Loads William N. Davis 02/1998 html
118 Clarification on Reynolds Number and the Correlator Thermal Design Ken McCracken 01/1998 pdf
117 4X4 Mueller Matrix relating Stokes Correlator Outputs..and Config E. Tsiang 12/1997 pdf 
116 Holis Xiaolei Zhang  09/1997 pdf
115 A Sampling of the Weather Data Eric Silverberg 12/1997 html
114 SMA Azimuth Bearing G. Nystrom, T. Hoffman 07/1997 pdf
113 Baselines to JNLT and Keck Eric Keto 08/1997 html
112 Basic Correlator Configurations Eric Keto 07/1997 html
111 Preliminary Digital Correlator Thermal Analysis Ken McCracken 07/1997 html
110 Thermal Resistance Testing of VLSI Corr Chip Ken McCracken 07/1997 html
107 Design of CFRP Bonded Joints For TPI Tubes Bill Bruckman 01/1997 html
106 SMA Servo Model in MATLAB Jun-Hui Zhao 01/1997 pdf
105 Test Results for Mount 3 & 4 Bearing Bill Bruckman 12/1996 html
104 Performance of the Elevation Drive System Eric Keto 12/1996 pdf
103 Measurements of Friction In The Elevation Drive of Antenna-1 Nimesh Patel 12/1996 pdf
102 First Result of the SMA Holography Experiment Zhang,Bratko et al 12/1996 pdf
101 Estimate of Parts Needed for the Expanded 8 Antenna SMA Correlator Andy Dowd 12/1996 pdf
100 VLBI Operation for the SMA2 Colin Masson 06/1996 pdf
99 Data Reduction Computing for the SMA Colin Masson 04/1996 pdf
98 The Receiver, Mezzanine and Backplane boards of the SMA Correlator Andy Dowd  04/1996 pdf
97 Modified Azimuth Cable Wrap Marty Levine  03/1996 pdf
96 Preliminary Tests on the Modified Azimuth Bearings Eric Silverberg
& Bill Bruckman
12/1995 pdf
95 Limit Switches for the SMA Antennas Nimesh Patel  01/1996 pdf
94 Azimuth Cable Wrap Colin Masson 01/1996 pdf
93 Summary of the Testing Done to Size the SMA Antenna Foundation Eric Silverberg 10/1995 pdf
92 PMAC Servo parameters Colin Masson 12/1995 pdf
91 Testing of Completed Antenna Foundations Eric Silverberg  12/1995 pdf
.... on Mauna Kea Figures Eric Silverberg 12/1995 pdf
90 Losses Due to Time Delays Colin Masson 12/1995 pdf
89 Downconversion to Baseband and Sampling Andy Dowd 08/1992 pdf
88 Blanking period and BOCF Colin Masson 12/1995 pdf
87 Fringe Rotation Constraints for 6 and 8 Antennas Colin Masson 09/1995 pdf
86 Certain Optics Considerations for the Holography Experiment Xiaolei Zhang  11/1996 pdf
85 Planned Panel Alignment Procedure for the SMA Antennas Using Micro. Holog. X. Zhang et al 08/1996 pdf
83 Implementation of The Secondary Phase Rotator Andy Dowd 03/1995 pdf
82 Improving the Frequency Resolution of the SMA Correlator Andy Dowd & Colin Masson 12/1994 pdf
81 Correlator Back Plane Switching Andy Dowd 08/1994 pdf
80 Multiple Wavelength Optical Transmission Marty Levine 08/1994 html
79 Software Control and Hardware Addresses  Gonzalez et al  11/1993 pdf
77 SMA Synthesis Beams of Tangential Jun-Hui Zhao 12/1993 pdf
75 How Computers and PMACs Will Interact Raymond Gonzalez 10/1993 pdf
74 Point Source Sensitivity Improvement Achieved by Adding a Larger Antenna  Jim Moran  10/1993 pdf
73 Servo-Controlled Azimuth Tension Wrap Marty Levine  12/1993 pdf
72 The Effects of Comparator Hysteresis on Astronomical Spectrometers Andy Dowd 02/1995 pdf
71 SMA Timing Signals From The Phase Rotator to The Correlator Andy Dowd 07/1993 pdf
70 Notes on Azimuth Cable Wrap Alternatives Marty Levine 06/1993 pdf 
69 Design Approach for the SMA Correlator Andy Dowd  06/1993 pdf
68 Delay and Phase Control Colin Masson  05/1993 pdf
67 Notes on Built-in IF/LO Test Capability Marty Levine  05/1993 pdf
66 Minimizing the Switching Requirements of the Correlator Board Andy Dowd  05/1992 pdf
65 Correlator Data Processing  Colin Masson  04/1993 pdf
64 Proposed Downconverter Design Andy Dowd  04/1993 pdf
63 Correlator Downconversion Architectures Colin Masson et al 02/1993 pdf
62 Correlator Mode Selection Colin Masson et al  02/1993 pdf
61 Submission of a Bound Copy of the Final Report for the Thermal Design  Q-Metrics, Inc 12/1992 pdf
60 Opacity on Mauna Kea  Colin Masson  09/1992 pdf
59 Searching for Submillimeter Sites in Chile  Raffin et al 05/1992 pdf
58 Timing Accuracy for the SMA Colin Masson  04/1992 pdf
57 Correlator Configurations Paul Ho  01/1992 pdf
56 Fringe rotation, Delay stepping, and Phase switching Colin Masson  12/1991 pdf
55 Dynamical Analysis of the Antenna P. Raffin  12/1991 pdf
54 SMA Antenna Mount Structural Analysis  Bill Bruckman  12/1991 pdf
53 SMA Antenna Thermal Analysis  Q-Metrics, Inc.  11/1991 pdf
52 Azimuth and Elevation Servo Performance Predictions P. Cheimets  10/1991 pdf
51 Analysis of The Reflector Back-Up Structure  P. Raffin  09/1991 pdf
50 Antenna Surface Measurement for the SMA Colin Masson  08/1991 pdf
49 Opacity Update  Colin Masson  08/1991 pdf
48 Comparison of Atmospheric Opacity at Mount Graham and Mauna Kea  Colin Masson  05/1991 pdf
47 Hexcel Panel #4 Test Report  Hexcel  1991 Paper
46 Zero-Order Gaussian Beam Calculations for All-Flat Optical System Heinrich Foltz  04/1991 pdf
45 Effect of Pointing Errors on the SMA Colin Masson  03/1991 pdf
44 Sensitivity to Sources in the Galactic Center vs. Site  Jim Moran 01/1991 pdf
43 Programming Plan  Paul Ho  11/1990 pdf
42 Classification of Pointing Errors  Bill Bruckman  03/1990 pdf
41 Preliminary Servo Analysis  P. Cheimets  12/1990 pdf
40 Requirements for Nasmyth or Coude Optics  Heinrich Foltz 09/1990 pdf
39 reflector Back-up-structure Influence of the Material On The Termainal Behavior P. Raffin 12/1990 pdf
38 Evaluation of Nasmyth vs. Coude Bill Bruckman  12/1990 pdf
37 Preliminary Antenna Specifications  Bill Bruckman  03/1990 pdf
36 Maune Kea Complex Development Plan  Bill Bruckman  10/1990 pdf
35 Concerning a Chopping Secondary  Paul Ho  11/1990 pdf
34 Revised Requirements for Bent Nasmyth Optics  Heinrich Foltz  10/1990 pdf
33 Further Revisions to Requirements for Bent Nasmyth Optics  Heinrich Foltz  11/1990 pdf
32 Hawaii Site Plan Paul Ho  12/1990 pdf
31 Optically Assisted Pointing for SMA Antennas Eric Silverberg  10/1990 pdf
30 The SAO Phase Monitor Colin Masson  09/1990 pdf
29 Submillimeterwave Telescope Array Colin Masson  09/1990 pdf
28 Measurement of Wind at Mauna Kea Site P. Cheimets  08/1990 pdf
27 SAO Submillimeter Array: Proof of Concept Coast Steel Fab Ltd.  08/1990 pdf
26 Pointing Specifications for the SMA Antennas: The Basic Philosophy E. Silverberg  09/1990 pdf
25 Phase Errors due to Non-Intersecting Axes Colin Masson  08/1990 pdf
24 Nasmyth Mirrors Heinrich Foltz  07/1990 pdf
23 SMA Mosaic Image Simulations Douglas Wood  07/1990 pdf
22 Using SDE for SMA Imaging Simulations Douglas Wood  07/1990 pdf
21 Design Considerations for SMA Antenna Optics  Rachael Padman  07/1990 pdf
20 Results of Wind Spectrum Literature Search  P. Cheimets  07/1990 pdf
19 Feasibility Study of Reflector  MAN/GHH  06/1990 pdf
18 Feasibility Study of Telescope  MAN/GHH  06/1990 pdf
17 Aluminum Panel Study  B. Bruckman & B. Davis 06/1990 pdf
16 Receiver Cabin Equipment Baseline  B. Bruckman  05/1990 pdf
15 Evaluation of ESSCO Technology for Submillimeter Array Final Report Essco  1990 Paper
14 Composite Reflector Panels for the SAO Submillimeter Array Hexcel  04/1990 pdf
13 Study Question Responses from TIW  TIW Systems  04/1990 pdf
12 Atmospheric Opacity and Water Vapor  Colin Masson  04/1990 pdf
11 IF Processor and Correlator for the Submillimeter Wavelength Array Alan Rogers 03/1990 pdf
10 6-Meter Antenna Study for SAO  TIW Systems  02/1990 pdf
09 Reply to the Report from the STAG  Masson et al 03/1990 pdf
08 Report from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group  Welch et al  12/1989 pdf
07 Computing Requirements for the Submillimeter Array  Mark Reid  10/1989 pdf
06 Implication of Radiosonde Data for Sub-Millimeter Array Site Selection  Biretta  08/1989 pdf
05 Design Study Memo #5: Phase Calibration for the SMA Colin Masson  12/1989 pdf
04 Design Study Memo #4: Atmospheric Phase Measurement Colin Masson  08/1989 pdf
03 Design Study Memo #3: Local Oscillator Phase Stability Colin Masson  04/1989 pdf
02 Design Study Memo #2: Array Configurations  Colin Masson  04/1989 pdf
01 Design Study Memo #1: Phase Calibration Colin Masson  03/1989 pdf
00 Submillimeter-Wavelength Telescope Array:
Scientific, Technical, and Stratgic Issues
Moran, et al.  07/1984 pdf

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