Lawrence Cheuk
David DeMille
John Doyle
Tanya Zelevinsky

10/27/2022 to 10/29/2022

A. Bohrdt
F. Grusdt
E. Demler
M. Grenier

11/14/2022 to 11/16/2022
C.B. Dag; Y. Wang; P. Uhrich; X. Na; J.C. Halimeh, "Probing dynamical criticality near quantum phase transitions" (2022)
S. Mistakidis; G. Koutentakis; F. Grusdt; P. Schmelcher; H.R. Sadeghpour, "Inducing spin-order with an impurity: phase diagram of the magnetic Bose polaron" (2022)
Z.A. Benson; A. Peshkov; N.Yunger Halpern; D.C. Richardson; W. Losert, "Experimentally Measuring Rolling and Sliding in Three-Dimensional Dense Granular Packings" (2022)
F. Brauneis; T. Backert; S. Mistakidis; M. Lemeshko; H.W. Hammer; A. Volosniev, "Artificial atoms from cold bosons in one dimension" (2022)
Tommaso Macri Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte 11/01/2021 to 10/31/2022
Henning Schlömer LMU Munich 08/22/2022 to 10/01/2022
Bretislav Friedrich Fritz-Haber Berlin 09/01/2022 to 12/31/2022
Lukas Homeier LMU Munich 09/01/2022 to 01/30/2023
Chitra Rangan University of Windsor 09/19/2022 to 09/25/2022
Salvatore Macro Giampaolo Ruđer Bošković Institute 09/26/2022 to 09/30/2022
George Bougas University of Hamburg 10/31/2022 to 11/20/2022