Francesca Ferlaino (University of Innsbruck)
Benjamin Lev (Stanford)
Simeon Mistakidis (ITAMP)
Stefan Ostermann (Harvard).

05/11/2023 to 05/13/2023
S. Halder; K. Mukherjee; S.I. Mistakidis; S. Das; P.G. Kevrekidis; P.K. Panigrahi; S. Majumder; H.R. Sadeghpour, "Control of $^{164}\mathrm{Dy}$ Bose-Einstein condensate phases and dynamics with dipolar anisotropy" (2022)
F. Machado; E.A. Demler; N.Y. Yao; S. Chatterjee, "Quantum Noise Spectroscopy of Dynamical Critical Phenomena" (2022)
G. Bougas; S.I. Mistakidis; P. Giannakeas; P. Schmelcher, "Dynamical excitation processes and correlations of three-body two-dimensional mixtures" (2022)
C.B. Dag; S.I. Mistakidis; A. Chan; H.R. Sadeghpour, "Many-body quantum chaos in stroboscopically-driven cold atoms" (2022)
Bretislav Friedrich Fritz-Haber Berlin 09/01/2022 to 12/31/2022
Lukas Homeier LMU Munich 09/01/2022 to 01/30/2023
Tommaso Macri 09/01/2022 to 06/30/2023
Henning Schlömer LMU Munich 11/01/2022 to 01/31/2023
Hannes Pichler University Innsbruck (ITAMP Profile) 11/28/2022 to 12/02/2022