Visitor Program

The Institute was created in response to the concerns of the Atomic and Molecular Physics community and it is dedicated to serving the community. The Visiting Scientist Programs, both long-term (several months to one year) and short-term (up to several months), are an important part of the Institute which will provide the critical mass necessary to create an exciting, stimulating research environment. Short-term visitors are hosted for periods of one week to a few months. Long-term visitors stay for periods of two to twelve months.

One must apply for an Appointment through ITAMP's Visiting Scientist Program Organizer. Financial support for visitors is arranged prior to each visit. You will only be reimbursed up to the amount agreed in your invitation letter. Short-term visit support is limited to travel expenses and subsistence. Support for long-term visits may also include a small stipend. On acceptance to the program you will be sent a letter of invitation specifying the details of your appointment.

Details on the application procedure are available.

ITAMP Visitors by Year