ITAMP has entered its third decade of existence, a period during which entire subfields of Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) physics have been created where none existed previously. AMO theory has played a vital role in motivating and explaining avant-garde experimental developments in AMO, condensed-matter, chemistry and optics. ITAMP, as the leading center of AMO physics theory in the US, has developed a notable reputation for training, mentoring and sponsoring postdoctoral and visiting fellows in theoretical AMO science. Of the forefront research opportunities targeted by the 2006 National Research Council decadal assessment, "Controlling the Quantum World" (National Academy Press, August 2006): precision measurements and tests of fundamental laws, ultracold physics, the development and application of ultra-intense, short wavelength light sources, ultra-fast quantum control of atoms, molecules and electrons, nanoscience, and quantum information science, ITAMP programs (visitors, postdoctoral, Winter Graduate Schools, workshops and speakers programs) have been involved in every one.

ITAMP remains committed to its goals:

  1. Fostering an intellectually stimulating environment,
  2. Developing forefront research areas,
  3. Facilitating closer interactions between AMO theory and experiment,
  4. Promoting AMO theory within the general physics community by encouraging cross-disciplinary exchanges.