Francisco Machado

ITAMP Postdoctoral Fellow

Francisco obtained his Bachelor's in Physics at MIT, where he explored different fields of physics such as computational astrophysics and experimental condensed matter before settling into theoretical atomic physics, where he was interested in understanding how the environment can be tailored to enhance or suppress particular atomic transitions.

He then moved to California for his PhD. Working under the supervision of Norman Yao at UC Berkeley, he investigated different aspects of quantum dynamics ranging from the equilibration of high-frequency driven systems, and the spreading of quantum information in long-range interacting systems to out-of-equilibrium phases of matter. He collaborated with experiments, observing phenomena such as time-crystalline order, Floquet prethermalization, and emergent hydrodynamics in isolated quantum systems.

As of September 2022, he has been an ITAMP fellow, exploring strongly correlated atomic system, out-of-equilibrium phenomena and quantum information.

Research Interests: 
Quantum dynamics, quantum information, quantum sensing, strongly interacting many-body systems, equilibration and thermalization and out-of-equilibrium phenomena
Selected Honors and Awards: 

2022 - Jackson C. Koo Award