Visitor Travel and Reimbursement Instructions/Insurance

Travel Instructions and Reimbursement
Failure to follow these policies may result in ITAMP being unable to reimburse you for your expenses.

ITAMP is federally funded and expenses submitted for reimbursement must follow U.S. federal guidelines. If ITAMP has agreed to support your visit and reimburse your travel cost (as stated in your invitation letter) you must arrange your travel according the the federal reimbursement guidelines.

More specifically these guidelines state:

  • Flights must be on United States Flag Carriers. Travelers who purchase International airfares (defined as trips taking more than six hours of flytime, including Alaska & Hawaii, but excluding trips to Canada and Mexico taking under six hours) must follow the United States Federal Travel Regulations, even through less costly foreign flag carriers may be available. In cases where you are flying Lufthansa, please make sure that your ticket is written on ticket stock corresponding to a U.S. carrier and that it lists the U.S. carrier’s flight numbers. When booking your flight please note that due to Open Skies Agreements, ITAMP is able to reimburse flights from European Union carriers when flying out of the home country of the airline.
  • Accommodations must be within the federal per diem allowed for Cambridge, MA. To find the current per diem for a Cambridge visit the GSA website. The amount allowed depends on the time of year.
  • Please note that you will only be reimbursed up to the amount agreed on in your invitation letter.
  • Generally, ITAMP will require that you submit a travel expense report. Receipts for all claimed expenses are required.
  • Please make sure to make an appointment with ITAMP's Administrator in order to process this paperwork. Should you have any questions regarding the paperwork or the appointment, please contact the ITAMP Coordinator, via phone (617) 495-9524 or email (

You are required to have health insurance. ITAMP does not provide health insurance.