Simeon Mistakidis

ITAMP Postdoctoral Fellow

Simeon obtained his Master degree in theoretical physics in the sector of Nuclear and Particle Physics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, under the supervision of Prof. Alexandros Karanikas. His main focus was the development of path integral techniques in cavity quantum electrodynamics. During his Master, he spent one year as an exchange student in the group of Prof. Peter Schmelcher at the University of Hamburg (Center for Optical Quantum Technologies) where he then moved for his PhD. There he devoted his research on the correlated nonequilibrium quantum dynamics of many-body atomic systems with a particular emphasis on excitation processes in optical lattices, pattern formation and the physics of polarons. Following his PhD (summa cum laude) he received the Lenz-Ising Prize for outstanding junior scientists (University of Hamburg). Since October 2021, Simeon is an ITAMP postdoctoral fellow working on engineering entanglement based processes and magnetic phenomena appearing in many-body multicomponent systems ranging from quasiparticles and droplets to long-range settings. His theoretical tools are based on ab-initio approaches, beyond mean-field frameworks and the construction of effective Hamiltonian models.

Research Interests: 
correlation phenomena; entanglement; many-body systems; quasiparticles; droplets; pattern formation; long-range interactions; spin waves

Selected publications on different topics: