Dalgarno Memorial Lectures

The Dalgarno Memorial Lectures, to honor the legacy of Alex Dalgarno's enormous contributions to AMO physics

and molecular astrophysics, were inaugurated in 2016 and endowed at Harvard University in 2019.

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Past lectures in the series and listed below, click on the title of the talk to watch the video.

Prof. Tilman Pfau, University of Stuttgart

May 4, 2016 Strongly Interacting Rydberg Gases in Thermal Vapor Cells
May 5, 2016 Ultracold Dipolar Gases: From Chromium to Lanthanides
May 10, 2016 A Single Charge in a Bode-Eistein Condensate: from Two- to Few- to Many-Body Physics

Prof. Ewine van Dishoeck, Leiden University

March 26, 2018 Photon-induced Chemistry in Space
March 28, 2018 Water in Space: How, Where and When?
March 29, 2018 Molecules from Clouds it Disks and Planets: Building on Dalgarno's Legacy

Prof. John Bohn, University of Colorado Boulder, JILA

October 7, 2019 The Electric Beaker: Prospects for Controlling Chemistry in Ultracold Gases, Physics Colloquium
October 8, 2019 Every Dipole Has its Moment
October 10, 2019 Agents of Shield: Protecting Molecules From Inelastic Collisions