Few-body Bose gases in low dimensions—A laboratory for quantum dynamics

TitleFew-body Bose gases in low dimensions—A laboratory for quantum dynamics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsMistakidis, SI, Volosniev, AG, Barfknecht, RE, Fogarty, T, Busch, T, Foerster, A, Schmelcher, P, Zinner, NT
JournalPhysics Reports
Date Published11/2023
KeywordsBeyond mean-field approaches, Cold atoms, Droplets, Few-body physics, Long-range physics, Multicomponent bosonic settings, One-dimensional systems, Quantum control, Quantum dynamics, Spinor gases, Strongly correlated gases, Systems with impurities

Cold atomic gases have become a paradigmatic system for exploring fundamental physics, which at the same time allows for applications in quantum technologies. The accelerating developments in the field have led to a highly advanced set of engineering techniques that, for example, can tune interactions, shape the external geometry, select among a large set of atomic species with different properties, or control the number of atoms. In particular, it is possible to operate in lower dimensions and drive atomic systems into the strongly correlated regime. In this review, we discuss recent advances in few-body cold atom systems confined in low dimensions from a theoretical viewpoint. We mainly focus on bosonic systems in one dimension and provide an introduction to the static properties before we review the state-of-the-art research into quantum dynamical processes stimulated by the presence of correlations. Besides discussing the fundamental physical phenomena arising in these systems, we also provide an overview of the calculational and numerical tools and methods that are commonly used, thus delivering a balanced and comprehensive overview of the field. We conclude by giving an outlook on possible future directions that are interesting to explore in these correlated systems.

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