Student Responsibilities

Preliminary Meeting

Each new predoctoral fellow must form a Predoctoral Research Review Committee (PRRC) with their advisor upon arrival. Additionally, they must schedule a preliminary meeting with their PRRC 4-6 weeks after arrival.

The only requirement of the preliminary meeting is the submission of a required Preliminary Evaluation Form.

The Preliminary Evaluation Form should be completed by the chair of the PRRC. This form should be submitted to Christine Crowley in the Fellowship Office shortly after the meeting. A copy will be sent to the home advisor and the Director of the Predoctoral Program.

PRRC Meetings

PRRC meetings are scheduled at least once-a-year and more often if the student needs more input to complete their research within their given award period. Students must schedule the meetings with their PRRC members and book a room if necessary.

The following must be presented to your Predoctoral Research Review Committee (PRRC) one week before your committee meeting:

  • Summary of research accomplishments over the last year (1-2 pages in length)
  • List of recent publications over the last year (if available, not required)

The following must be emailed to the Fellowship Program Coordinator immediately after your presentation:

  • Copy of your 1-2 page progress report
  • Copy of your list of recent publications over the last year (if applicable)
  • Copy of your presentation (if used during your meeting)
  • A completed Evaluation Form by the Chair of the PRRC Committee

Journal Club Meetings

Students are expected to attend and present at the monthly SAO Predoc Journal Club that is held on the final Thursday of every month at 11am in B105.