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The CF is the Information Technology department at the CfA. The CF provides an array of IT infrastructure and scientific computing services for SAO and Harvard scientific, technical, and administrative staff at the CfA.

These include networking (voice and data), email distribution and gatewaying, file and print services, network and direct-attached storage, domain nameservice, data backup for managed workstations and desktops, off-site storage, formulation and implementation of IT policies IT Security, Webmaster (including Webserver management), Web Services (including Web-based scientific application development), Scientific Workstation management (Solaris and Linux), cluster computing, high-end color printing support (including poster printing), PC/Windows desktop management, and User Help Desk.

In addition, the CF is also responsible for developing and maintaining the CfA Staff Database application and related activities. Finally, the CF is responsible for managing and operating a number of technology-based services such as video-teleconferencing, Webcasting, and for providing audio-visual support for speakers, conferences, and training sessions.

For information on the services provided, click on one of the topics in the Services menu on the left.

For information on CfA system management and support, see System Management at the CfA.



Department Manager: Robert Hewett (617) 384-6594
Assistance: CF Help Desk (617) 495-7302
Department Administrator: Jo-Ann Campbell-Cameron (617) 496-7890

Note: The CF Search Tool, the CF Services pages, and other links on the sidebar are accessible only from the CfA, or when connected via the CfA VPN server. If you are at a remote location and need assistance getting VPN configured, contact the CF Help Desk.

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