CF: System Management at the CfA

Management of computers at the CfA is divided into two basic categories: computers which are managed by a group of system administrators and computers which are managed by their user/owner (self-managed).

What does it mean that your workstation or desktop is managed by the CF (or one of the other system management groups at the CfA?):

The systems group is the user's point of contact for questions and problems. The systems group is responsible for all aspects of its operation: installation and configuration of the operating system, installation and configuration of application software, applying upgrades and security patches as appropriate, configuring the system for connection to the CfA network, configuring the user's email client, installing antivirus software as appropriate, monitoring system and security logs for evidence of system security breaches, answering user questions, resolving hardware problems, etc.

Most workstations and desktops at the CfA are managed by one of the following system management groups:

In addition to these groups there are also individual CfA staff members who are responsible for managing the computers in their research groups.

Finally, there are a number of computers - both desktops and laptops - which are self-managed.

What does it mean to be self-managed:

The user of the system is the primary point of contact for questions and problems. The user assumes the responsibility for most aspects of its operation. The CF provides a basic level of support which is described here:


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