Available resources


Mike McCarthy has hosted a few videos for the Smithsonian:

Atoms and Light - Exploring Atomic and Electronic Structure
Building the Ultimate Telescope (the full video is not yet available online but can be watched on the Smithsonian Channel)

Watch a (short) video describing our research interest made at the occasion of the ECLA2016 conference.


We are currently working on more robust versions of all of our scripts, please be aware that all available scripts in this section are still a work in progress!

Determination of rotational contants from DR matches

We have written a script in Python which incorporates the SPFIT/SPCAT suite of programs to determine the rotational constants from a subset of DR matches. The script, together with some example files, is available together with a detailed description of the procedure.

The script has been described in:
Automated microwave double resonance spectroscopy: A tool to identify and characterize chemical compounds. M. A. Martin-Drumel, M. C. McCarthy, D. Patterson, B. A. McGuire, and K. N. Crabtree. The Journal of Chemical Physics 144, 124202 (2016)