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Western U.S. Cordillera (WUSC) Deformation Velocity Map Maker, Version 2


This part of the WUSC web site allows you to rotate the WUSC velocity solution into different reference frames. You can customize your own reference frame by selecting a subset of the GPS and VLBI stations used in the WUSC solution. The velocities of these selected stations will be minimized through a rigid body rotation of the velocity field. The resulting velocity field will be made available to you as a set of data files via ftp. Maps of your velocity field may also be viewed via the WWW.

Please refer to the WUSC Deformation Project Homepage for more information about the WUSC velocity field.

For further information contact:

WUSC Questions
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden St, MS 42
Cambridge, MA 02138-1516
(617) 496-7811