SMA Data Archives

The RTDC hosts two SMA data archives. The public SMA Data Archive provides the astronomy community with an easy interface to all 180TB of data from the Submillimeter Array in Hawaii. Although all data is listed in detail, only public data (data taken prior to the past 15 months) is available to download. Data taken within the 15 months proprietary period is only accessible to authorized users who should visit the SMA Proprietary Data Archive.

SMA Data Archive SMA Proprietary Data Archive

Upcoming Developments

As of 2023, the archive allows users to request data in either raw MIR or CASA measurement set formats. This conversion is performed using the newly released SMA extension to the pyuvdata package. The functionality of pyuvdata is being further expanded to allow the application of measurement set calibration tables. As a result we expect to be able to offer our users calibrated SMA data from mid 2024.