Available Software

General Scripting, Data Processing, and Visualization Packages

MIRMillimeter Interferometer Reduction. A software package based on IDL, for the reduction of data taken with the SMA.
MIRIAD Multichannel Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis, and Display. A radio interferometry data reduction package configured to reduce SMA data. Data form other telescopes (IRAM, ATNF, CARMA/BIMA and WSRT) can also be imported into MIRIAD.
AIPSAstronomical Image Processing System. AIPS is a software package developed at NRAO in the late 1970s. Its primary purpose is to calibrate and image radio astronomical data from the VLA, VLBA, or VLBI network, but can also be used to image already calibrated SMA data. We also have the ParselTongue interface.
To run AIPS on the RTDC computers, see AIPS and How To Access It.
CASACommon Astronomy Software Applications package. CASA is being developed to calibrate and image data from ALMA and other arrays.
DS9 An astronomical imaging and data visualization application.
WIP A command line user interface used to produce high quality figures.
Starlink A reduction for package and complete pipeline for single-dish data from the JCMT and UKIRT. The imaging application Gaia can be used on any fits file.
RADEX A program to calculate the strengths of atomic and molecular lines from homogenous molecular clouds.
TOPCAT An interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data. Its aim is to provide most of the facilities that astronomers need for analysis and manipulation of source catalogues and other tables.
pyuvdata A python interface to interferometric datasets. Can be used to convert SMA data from MIR format to uvfits or CASA measurement sets.
Pycharm A powerful Python IDL (Integrated Development Environment). Provides error tracking, code completion, etc.

Internal SMA Packages

whatishere This script will report on the contents of a data directory - sources, scans, tuning etc. Find more details at About SMA Data.
SMARechunker This script is used to rechunk (rebin) SMA data. See Reducing the Size of your Data for more details.
sma2casa This script is used to convert SMA data to CASA measurement set format. As of late 2021 this has been superceded by pyuyvdata. See Converting SMA data to CASA MS format for more information.

Office/graphical Software

OpenOffice is an open-source office suite. It can be started from the command line by typing

$ openoffice

Command-line aliases exist for the popular OpenOffice applications:

Spreadsheet = oocalc
Word processor = oowriter
Drawing = oodraw

Additional modes include database, presentation, and formula.

The text editor Emacs is available on all machines. You can open it as an x-window with

$ emacs myfile

or in the terminal window with

$ emacs -nw myfile

The graphical editor gimp is also available

$ gimp