cfa light curves (May 12 ,2022)

fall 2022 pics

Orchid 2021 pics

yosemite 2021 pics

tree 2021 pics

flowers 2021 pics

various astronomy pics of my creation



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Magellan Dec 13 target list

sn1987a PSF reflection movie

color spectra project

NGC 7793

NGC 6744

SN2014J in M82. Mt Hopkins 1.2m Jan 27, 2014

SN2014J in M82. Mt Hopkins 1.2m Jan 27, 2014

New 1 degree by 1 degree 3500x3500 pixel images from DSS...

LDSS3 magellan March 19, 2007


LDSS3 notes

LDSS3 reduction notes

Fred Magellan and HST pictures

Pictures from Dad and Pete's travel to Australia


schedule 2006 poster

HST analysis of 2005-LMC-157

sn1987a light echo from SM diff data

ESSENCE 3 color pic of abell 168 z=0.145 and other pictures

Pete's address and local stores

sn1987a astrometric image

Pete's non-astronomy pictures

Pete's chile pictures

SN1987A GRB and SN 1998bu Movies

Collection of SN1987A Pictures (SINS) 300 dpi versions

I created these images from the Digital Sky Survey. Each image covers ~3x3 degrees and are ~5000x5000 pixels in size. When printed @ 72 dpi, each image can be 6 feet across.

Pete's own CCD images taken with FLWO 1.2m and CTIO 1.5m

various Sn 1987A pictures and High-Z redshift supernovae. Cool galaxys recently "discovered" in recent supernovae searches. (not quite ready for prime time... so the link is to the above page )

The HST image of SN 1994D

300 dpi tif images can be provided from Pete Challis
Credits are: Pete Challis - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

DDS images are provided with this acknowledgment