Spring 2017

Eclipsing binary lab 2017 eclipse predictions. These predictions take into account the ~20 minute offset between the Lopez-Morales et al. ephemeris and the true ephemeris.

Spring 2015

Eclipsing Binary Simbad entry: NSVS01031772, Harvard mirror
Lab Instructions
Eclipse Predictions
Lopez-Morales et al. Eclipsing Binary Lab Finder Charts:

Spring 2013

Pioneers in Engineering Robotics DeCal
Pioneers in Engineering Advanced Robotics DeCal
Syllabi available at the preceeding links:

DeCal Materials and kit documentation can be found at the PiE wiki.
2013 PiE competition Schedule:
  • Jan 31: PiE Mentoring Infosession. 7PM - 8PM in room 306 Soda (HP Auditorium)
  • Feb 4: First day of Monday DeCal session
  • Feb 7: First day of Thursday DeCal session
  • March 2: PiE Kickoff: Meet your mentees
  • March 9: PiE Gameday: Learn about the robotics challenge
  • April 13: PiE Scrimmage
  • April 27-28: PiE final competition