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past, systems with which the system manager is familiar (and/or fond) have flourished while the remaining systems foundered.

The experts should be responsible for maintaining documentation, software upgrades, spares, and replacements as well as board level replacements and creating and documenting procedures for system backup, system recovery, and unit replacement. The experts should restore the systems to a standard configuration after the winter-over improvements, retaining those winter-over improvements that are judged to have enduring value.

Machines should be configured so that the experts can perform remote diagnosis, performance monitoring, security checks and software maintenance remotely.

The experts do not need to be on station during the summer, but should be available (by voice and network) for consultation with the system manager at other times during the year.

Specialized knowledge requirement - System Expert

Sub-unit replacement/repair (on station opening and closing)
Performance tests
Board additions
Software upgrades
System file maintenance
System reload files updates (to support unit replacement)
Parts inventory/ordering
System configuration maintenance and documentation

(2 site visits by 2 experts = 4 workweeks)

2. System Manager Duties

The system manager should be trained in backing up (and verifying) all systems, in unit replacement for failed systems, in performing security checks, and adding and deleting accounts and network addresses.

The system manager should be provided with simple and complete procedures for carrying out the above tasks. The backup/verify procedures should be automated to the extent possible. Each machine should have a standard reference system (provided by the expert) available on backup media so that the system manager can restore the functionality to a different machine should hardware failure, or a virus so require. To the greatest extent possible, the "transient" configuration information (such as user account information) should be kept separate from system software.

The system manager should be trained in restoring the system files for Macs and PCs, since those are files are most likely to suffer inadvertent modification by users. Users should be discouraged from modifying those files or adding software to the machines unilaterally.

The system manager should be trained in network configuration and network analysis, since an operable network is critical to correct functioning of the station.

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