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Important recommendations from this report:

- Implement prior recommendations

- Semiannual(?) meetings for review and feedback between ASA and representatives of
the Users' Committee

- For communications:

- Improve availability and bandwidth
near term: 12 h/day and 1 GByte/day minimum
long term: 24 h/day and 2 GByte/day goal
- Pursue TDRSS connection
- Utilize prototype capabilities during winter
- Improve uniformity of performance for operational systems
- Improve documentation and sparing for operational and prototype systems - Improve domain name services
- Add
- remote phone calling (or patching)
- multiplexed phone link on GOES-3
- (limited) FAX capability
- network prototyping support

- For local area network:

- Add finger services (name@SPOLE.GOV)
- Improve connection availability (and workspace) for portable computers
- Support Appletalk network routed to ethernet LAN
- Improve performance of network with subnetting and network segmentation
- Use TCP/IP as primary access protocol
- Remove IPX (Novell) to its own LAN
- Use distributed managers for local subnets

- For computing:

-Support science access in dome with bit-mapped workstations (general screen
capability should be 1000x1000x8 pixels)

Recommended quantities:
4(Mac) Power PCs with Versaterm and Mac-X or equivalent
2(DEC) Alpha workstations (terminal and X included)
2(Sun) Sparc 2 workstations (terminal and X included)
2(PC)Pentium or 486 with KEA and Exceed or equivalent
3Generic terminals to central computer if it still exists

- Improve print access and print support for all workstations
- Increase user workspace, make some room for lying out paperwork (elevate
terminals, add drawers, etc.)
- Improve configuration support for all four operating systems - Add remote support for systems management

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