EHT Globe  Credit: APEX, IRAM, G. Narayanan,
 J. McMahon, JCMT/JAC, S. Hostler, D. Harvey,
 ESO/C. Malin

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Instructions for Presenters

Schedule and Speaker List

 Block Schedule Version of the Program in pdf (revised 11/29)

 Tuesday 11/29
  8:30 Registration
  9:00 Welcome
  9:05 Project Director, Shep Doeleman
  9:50 Project Manager, Remo Tilanus
 10:10 Coffee & Posters
11:00 Project Scientist, Dimitrios Psaltis
11:30 Science Operations/Logistics, Vincent Fish
12:00 Scattering, Michael Johnson
12:30 Theoretical Simulations, Charles Gammie
  1:00 Lunch
  2:30 Breakout Sessions
  4:30 Coffee Break
  5:00 EHTC Organization Update I, Anton Zensus
  5:30 Science Discussion, Heino Falcke, Geoffrey Bower, Dimitrios Psaltis, Shep Doeleman
  6:30 Posters, etc...
 Wednesday 11/30
  9:00 GR, Leo C. Stein
  9:30 Imaging Challenge, Katherine Bouman
  9:50 M87: Radio Imaging, Kazuhiro Hada
 10:10 SgrA*/AGN 1mmVLBI, Thomas P. Krichbaum & Rusen Lu
 10:30 Coffee & Posters
 11:00 Instrumentation/APP, Lynn Matthews
 11:30 Correlation, Geoffrey Crew
 12:00 Imaging, Kazunori Akiyama
 12:30 Model Comp. & Feature Extr., Avery Broderick
  1:00 Lunch & Black Hole History, Peter Galison
  2:30 Breakout Sessions
  4:30 Coffee Break
  5:00 NGC1052, Eduardo Ros
  5:15 OJ287, Jose L. Gomez
  5:30 Binary Supermassive BHs, Makoto Inoue
  5:45 EHTC Organization Update II, Anton Zensus, Avery Broderick
  6:30 Posters, etc...
  7:30 EHT IB Dinner @7:30-9pm
 Thursday 12/01
  9:00 M87 High Energy, Anna Barnacka
  9:30 Horizon Scale Polarization, Jason Dexter
  9:50 Faraday Rot. in GRMHD, Monika Moscibrodzka
 10:10 Pulsars: Probing spacetime, Michael Kramer
 10:30 Coffee & Posters
 11:00 Fringing, Calibration & Error Analysis, Lindy Blackburn
 11:30 Time Variability, Hotaka Shiokawa
 12:00 Multimessenger Science/SgrA*, Sera Markoff
 12:30 Wrap Up of Breakout Sessions
  1:15 Lunch
  2:30 Breakout Sessions
  4:30 Coffee Break
  5:00 Parallel Tutorials:
Backends, Andre Young
Theory Simulations, Jason Dexter, Charles Gammie, Luciano Rezzolla
Synthetic Data & Imaging, Andrew Chael, Katherine Bouman
  6:30 Posters, etc...
  7:00 Collaboration Banquet @ 7PM
 Friday 12/02
  9:00 Jets, Tchekhovskoy
  9:30 Centaurus A, Cornelia Mueller
  9:50 EHT Beyond SgrA*/M87, Neil Nagar
 10:10 3C273, Keiichi Asada
 10:30 Coffee & Posters
 11:00 Monitor & Control, Daniel van Rossum
 11:30 Synthetic Data Generation, Roger Deane
 12:00 Polarimetry, Dan Marrone
 12:30 Multimessenger Science/M87, Masanori Nakamura
  1:00 Lunch
  2:30 Breakout Sessions
  4:30 Coffee Break
  5:00 Wrap Up of Breakout Sessions
  5:45 Meeting Summary
  6:30 Posters, etc...

Breakout Sessions:

Note: There will be 4 Breakout Sessions each day that run in parallel. The emails for the coordinators are listed below. If you want to participate in the Breakout Sessions, please feel free to contact anyone below: