HR: Employee Handbook:Visa Program

The foreign scientist is an integral part of SAO's research activities - as an employee, a visiting scientist, or as a pre- or post-doctoral fellow. Arranging for entry to the United States has become a major responsibility for the Human Resources Department, as has ensuring that our visitors are in conformance with all pertinent provisions of the Immigration and Naturalization laws, for the full duration of their stay.

Visas are obtained through the Human Resources Department upon request from Division Administrators for employees and visiting scientists. Travel outside of the United States for someone here on a visa should be discussed and planned for well in advance of the travel dates so that all required documentation can be completed.

A general overview of the SAO Visa Program and the rules associated with each type of visa may be found by clicking HERE. Problems and concerns should be routed through the Division Administrators to the appropriate Human Resources Specialist (See Human Resources Department Assignments).

Information regarding the Smithsonian/SAO Perm Residency Sponsorship Request Process may be found by clicking HERE.

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