HR: Employee Handbook: News, Events and Publications

The CfA Weekly Calendar, available to all personnel each Friday, includes listings of events at the CfA for the following week, such as colloquia, seminars, public lectures, and lunch time talks, as well as news and announcements from the Director's Office, Library, Social and Recreation Committee, and Human Resources, including internal job postings.

The Harvard Gazette, a weekly newspaper published by the university's News Office and reporting on news of Harvard University projects and people (including CfA affiliates), is delivered to all offices each Thursday during the academic year.

Three Smithsonian Institution publications of general interest to employees are The Torch, Inside Smithsonian Research, and The Blue Bulletin. The Torch is published monthly and provides news of projects and people, events and exhibitions, throughout the Institution. The quarterly publication, Inside Smithsonian Research, focuses on the collections, research, and other scholarly pursuits of Institution professional staff. The Blue Bulletin is published every other week and provides information on various administrative, training, and educational opportunities for Smithsonian employees. Although most events and activities are in the Washington area, this newsletter does include current job postings throughout the Institution. All three publications are delivered to staff here free of charge.

SAO employees also qualify for discount subscriptions to SMITHSONIAN Magazine and AIR & SPACE/Smithsonian. Call the Human Resources Department (5-7371) for Employee Subscription forms.

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