HR: Employee Handbook: Payday and Pay Period Schedules

Payday is every other Thursday. Your pay check covers a 2-week period beginning on a Sunday and ending on the Saturday 11 days before payday. The 12-day delay allows time to prepare the payroll and issue pay checks.

Click to view 2023 pay periods and official paydays.

Each payday, a Statement of Earnings and Leave will be available for viewing at the National Finance Center's MyEPP webpage. You will need to login to your account with a userid and password. This statement lists your gross salary and any deductions taken from it. Common deductions include Federal and State income tax, retirement and Social Security contributions, and insurance premium payments. It is your responsibility to check this statement carefully every 2 weeks and report any questionable deductions or mistakes to the Human Resources Department immediately.

You may choose to have your pay check sent to your residence or to a post office box. Alternatively, you may have your pay deposited directly via electronic transfer of funds to a financial organization such as a bank, savings and loan, or credit union. If you opt for direct deposit, your money will generally be available to you on the Monday before payday!

To sign up for direct deposit, you need to complete a form SF-1199A. If you have questions about your pay, call the SAO Benefits Office in HR at (617) 495-7371 or Payroll at (617) 496-7754.

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