HR: Employee Handbook: Performance Plan and Appraisal

Each employee must receive a written performance plan describing his/her performance elements and standards within 30 days after the beginning of the appraisal period, or after entering a new position. The performance appraisal plan serves as a communications vehicle between you and your supervisor to set performance goals and is comprised of job elements and performance standards. Job elements state your major job responsibilities and are based on the major duties in your position description. Performance standards are based on your job elements and are designed to let you know what is expected of you in terms of the quality, quantity, timeliness, and priority of your work. Performance plans are updated annually and are maintained in the Human Resources Department. If you do not have a performance plan, please speak to your supervisor.

Since we have a variety of occupations here at SAO there is not a single correct way to develop a performance plan. It can include quality of service or support standards, quantity and error rate requirements, or research goals and objectives. Regardless of format, a good plan will reflect your major duties and be clear to both you and your supervisor.

Your supervisor should hold at least one interim review as well as a final performance review with you at the end of your appraisal period. During your final review your supervisor will complete the appraisal form and then assign an overall rating of unacceptable, improvement needed, successful, highly successful, or outstanding. The final review must be issued to you in writing as soon as possible after the end of the rating period (generally within 30 days.)

The interim and final reviews provide you and your supervisor with opportunities to discuss your accomplishments and areas that need improvement as well as other issues such as training needs and career goals. They also provide occasions for you to seek guidance and job clarification and to ensure that your supervisor is aware of all your activities and accomplishments. Your supervisor will also use your final performance appraisal when making decisions about salary increases, performance awards, promotions, and reassignments as well as retention beyond the probationary period.

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