HR: Employee Handbook: Official Personnel Folder

The Human Resources Department maintains all of your personnel records and actions in your electronic Official Personnel Folder or e-OPF. The Official Personnel Folder is a major repository of information that documents your qualifications and career as a Smithsonian Federal or Trust Fund employee.

Your e-OPF is available for web-based access from an agency computer, where you may view your own OPF through the e-OPF application. The e-OPF application includes security measures that ensure the integrity and privacy of employee documents in the system.

Trust Fund employees may login at:
Trust Fund Quick Reference Guide

Federal employees may login at:
Federal Quick Reference Guide

The Quick Reference Guides describe the step by step login process. If you need technical assistance, contact the eOPF Help Desk at 1-866-275-8518 or send email to

For non-technical questions, please email

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