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What Is An Ombudsperson?

The Ombudsperson is a neutral party to whom employees can bring any work-related problem, concern, or complaint that cannot be resolved through normal channels. The Ombudsperson will respect confidentiality when requested, will listen to the problem, and will discuss steps to take to help you reach a fair resolution.

Who Are The Ombudspersons?

SAO employees have access to Ombudspersons at our facilities:

In addition, Smithsonian Institution's Ombudsperson, Shadella Davis, is available to all Smithsonian employees (including SAO). She can be reached at (202) 633-2010 (this number is serviced by an answering machine 24 hours a day when the Ombudsperson is not available in person).

Why Was An SI/SAO Ombudsperson Created?

The Smithsonian considers its employees to be one of its most valuable resources and is committed to providing employees with a good working environment. Part of this commitment involves making sure that each employee's concerns are heard. The position of Ombudsperson was created to provide a vehicle by which any employee could feel free to bring any work-related problem or concern with the expectation of a fair hearing.

The Ombudsperson Can Help You...

  • as a mediator
  • as a sounding board
  • as an impartial ear
  • as a confidential advisor
  • as a resource for assistance

To Talk With The Ombudsperson...

Please call to make an appointment with one of the Ombudspersons listed above.

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