HR: Employee Handbook: Emergency Instructions


  1. Evacuate the building immediately via the nearest available exit.
  2. Congregate in the assembly area assigned to your building.
  3. Stay outside until told to come back in by the Fire Chief, Emergency Coordinator, or the building management.


When notified to evacuate, either by signal or direction of the warden:

  1. Turn off machines and appliances.
  2. Clear your desk, close and lock it and all safes, file cabinets, etc.
  3. Close but do not lock office and work area doors.
  4. Proceed to your assigned exit by pre-selected route.
  5. Go to the assembly area and await further instructions.
  6. Return to work area when recalled.


If you receive a bomb threat:

a. Note the exact time of the call.

b. Ask the caller:

  1. Where the bomb is placed.
  2. When it is set to detonate.
  3. Why it was placed in the Smithsonian.

c.Try to keep the caller talking in order to determine:

  1. Age and sex of caller.
  2. Clues to the identity such as accent,word choice, etc.
  3. Any background noise that might identify source of the call.

d. As soon as the call is terminated:

  1. Notify the security office.
  2. Notify your emergency coordinator.
  3. Write down your impression of the caller based on b) and c) above.

If you are notified that a bomb threat has been received:

Search your immediate work area for unusual or suspicious objects. If any are found, do not touch or disturb them, rather keep a safe distance and notify the security office. Stand by to evacuate if so directed.

Assemble in designated area.

Know your primary and alternate evacuation routes.

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