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Voluntary Group Accidental Insurance Plan (Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance)

Eligibility Requirements

You must be serving under an appointment exceeding 90 days and have a regularly scheduled tour of duty of at least 40 hours each pay period.


Accident insurance should be considered supplemental to, and not a replacement for, other insurance. You may enroll at any time via the online employee self-service tool at the Secova website.The insurance is effective the first day of the pay period following successfully enrolling online. You may terminate coverage at any time at the Secova website.


You pay the full cost for this insurance. The biweekly cost for each $50,000 increment of coverage, which is deducted from your pay, is $.50 for employee only coverage; $.85 for family coverage; $.60 for employee and children coverage; and $.70 for employee and spouse. Please refer to the cost table in the plan brochure.


Coverage is available in multiples of $50,000, with a maximum life insurance principle sum of $500,000. Amounts in excess of $250,000 may not exceed 10 times your salary. Special education benefits for eligible dependent children are also provided. Please refer to the plan brochure for details.

Voluntary Group Accident Insurance will cease while the employee is on Leave Without Pay (LWOP). If you leave SAO, your coverage will end on the date of your separation.

Additional Information

Should you have questions or would like to request a plan brochure and enrollment form, please contact


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