A new edition of the HITEMP database has now been placed on the anonymous ftp site at our lab. This new edition is described in the article “HITEMP, the high-temperature molecular spectroscopic database,” L.S. Rothman, I.E. Gordon, R.J. Barber, H. Dothe, R.R. Gamache, A. Goldman, V. Perevalov, S.A. Tashkun, and J. Tennyson, J. Quant. Spectrosc. and Rad. Transfer 111, 2139-2150 (2010). This current HITEMP replaces the earlier edition (“HITRAN, HAWKS and HITEMP High-Temperature Molecular Database,” L.S. Rothman, R.B. Wattson, R.R. Gamache, J. Schroeder, and A. McCann, Proc. Soc. Photo Optical Instrumentation Engineers 2471, 105-111 (1995)).

To access the HITEMP data:

ftp to cfa-ftp.harvard.edu
  user = anonymous
  password = e-mail address

cd  /pub/HITEMP-2010

In that directory you will find five folders:
Folder Number of
Total number
of transitions
Spectral Coverage
H2O line list 6 114,241,164 0 - 30000
CO2 line list 7 11,193,608 258 - 9648
CO line list 6 113,631 3 - 8465
NO line list 3 115,610 0 - 9274
OH line list 3 41,557 0 - 19268
Due to the very large files for water and carbon dioxide, the line-parameter files within the H2O and CO2 folders have been broken up into wavenumber intervals and are also in compressed format (see readme file in top directory for a description).
The format of the line transitions is currently the same as HITRAN (160 characters per transition). Please cite the HITEMP article as well as the original sources of data when using this database. We hope that you will find HITEMP helpful in your research.