HARPS-NEF Presentations

6 Dec 2007, 160 Concord Ave.

9:00am Introduction - Dimitar Sasselov
9:15am Science Overview - Dave Latham (PowerPoint)
9:45am HARPS South Status - Francesco Pepe (PowerPoint)
10:45am WHT Overview - Rene Rutten
11:15am Instrument Overview - Andrew Szentgyorgyi
12:45pm WHT Interfaces - Mark Ordway
1:15pm Front End Mechancal Assembly - Roger Eng
1:45pm Electrical Systems - Tom Gauron (PowerPoint)
2:15pm CCD and Electronics
3:00pm Thermal - HARPS South Design and Lessons - Francesco Pepe (PowerPoint)
3:30pm Thermal Enclosure Requirements - Sang Park
4:00pm Thermal Enclosure Design - Justin Holwell

7 Dec, Cambridge Discovery Park

9:00am Software - Dylan Curley
9:30am Data Flow - Christophe Lovis (PowerPoint)
10:15am Project Summary (PowerPoint)- Tim Norton
10:45am Geneva Organization - Francesco Pepe (PowerPoint)
Note: There seems to be some problem translating some PowerPoint graphics
so several of these are stored as PowerPoint and may need to be downloaded
to view them.