Center for Astrophysics

Marc G. Lacasse
Instrument Support Scientist
Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, FLWO
P.O. Box 6369
Amado, AZ 85645-6369
Phone (520) 879-4552, 4568 or 4586

Professional interests
Stellar Diameters

I work on the SAO instruments at the MMT Observatory. My previous work was on the IOTA project.

My calendar for 2014 (excel) so far.

Telescope Mirror w/F-5 Baffle.............Hecto Positioner & Fiber chain................... Positioner Robots During Service

F5 instrument photos

F5 storage in Loft and Common Basement

There were a several fires near Mt. Hopkins in the last decade. One threatened the observatory, others rained enough ash that observing was suspended.

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