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Harvard University

2009-2015: PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Spring 2012:

- Teaching Fellow for SPU30 (Science of the Physical Universe 30: Life as a Planetary Phenomenon), , Prof. Dimitar D. Sasselov

Fall 2011:

- Pali 101a (Introductory Pali) (Pali is the canonical language used in Theravada Buddhism, similar to Sanskrit, considered to be the language spoken by Buddha himself), Auditor, with Ms. Beatrice Chrystall, Department of South Asian Studies at Harvard.

Spring 2011:

- Astronomy 201b (Interstellar Medium and Star Formation), B , Prof. Alyssa A. Goodman

- Teaching Fellow for SPU30 (Science of the Physical Universe 30: Life as a Planetary Phenomenon), TF Evaluation Score: 4.50/5.0 (Compare to Benchmark for Department: 4.13/5.0), Prof. Dimitar D. Sasselov

Fall 2010:

- Astronomy 201a (Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics), A , Prof. Dimitar D. Sasselov

- Astronomy 251 (Quantum Mechanics for Astrophysics), A , Prof. Lars Hernquist

- OEB 139 (Evolution of the Vertebrates), B+ , Prof. Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.

Spring 2010:

- Astronomy 202b (Cosmology), A , Prof. Abraham Loeb

- E-PSCI 202 (Mechanics in Earth and Environmental Science), A , Prof. James R. Rice

Fall 2009:

- Astronomy 150 (Radiative Processes in Astrophysics), A , Prof. Ramesh Narayan

- Astronomy 202a (Galaxies and Dynamics), A , Prof. John P. Huchra


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peking University









2005-2009: Bachelor of Science in Physics


GRE Physics Subject Test Score: 990/990

GRE General Test Score: Verbal: 490/800, Quantitative: 800/800, Writing:4.5/6

Physics & Math GPA: 5.0/5.0

Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 5.0/5.0

MIT Grade System please see: Grade definitions


MIT, Senior Year (Fall 2008-Spring 2009)

Spring 2009:

- 6.002 (Circuits and Electronics), A , Prof. Prof. J.A. del Alamo, Graduate TA Mr. Zhen Li

- 12.001 (Introduction to Geology), A+ , Prof. Oliver Jagoutz, Prof. Leigh Royden

- 14.01 (Principles of Microeconomics), A , Prof. Jeff Harris, Graduate TA Mr. Jesse Edgerton


Fall 2008:

- 8.07 (Electromagnetism II), A+ , Prof. Jan Egedal-Pedersen, Prof. John W. Belcher

- 8.09 (Classical Mechanics III), A+ , Prof. Professor Bernd Surrow

- 8.18 (Special Problems in Undergraduate Physics), P (P/D/F Grade System)

- 14.02 (Principles of Macroeconomics) , A , Dr. Paul Willen




MIT, Junior Year (Fall 2007-Spring 2008)


Spring 2008 (current semester):

- 8.06 (Quantum Physics III), A+ , Prof. Hong Liu, Prof. John W. Negele

- 8.14 (Experimental Physics II), A-, Prof. June L. Matthews, Mr. Daniel Lawrence Furse, Dr. Scott Sewell, Dr. Sean P. Robinson

★This is a modern physics experiment class of 18 credits, which is a continuation of 8.13 (Experimental Physics I) in previous term. The four experiments I did in this class are:

(1) 21-cm Radio Astrophysics

(2) The Zeeman Effect

(3) Quantum Information Processing

(4) Superconductivity


- 8.284 (Modern Astrophysics), A+ , Prof. Saul Rappaport

- STS.002 (Toward the Scientific Revolution), A , Dr. Robb E. Eason



IAP 2008 (MIT Independent Activities Period):

- 12.411 (Astronomy Field Camp), P (P/D/F Grade System), Mr. Brian W. Taylor, Prof. James L. Elliot, Prof. Stephen Slivan



Fall 2007:

- 8.05 (Quantum Physics II), A+ , Prof. Iain W. Stewart, Prof. Hong Liu

- 8.13 (Experimental Physics I), A , Prof. Ulrich J. Becker, Mr. Scott Sanders, Dr. Scott Sewell, Dr. Sean P. Robinson

★This is a modern physics experiment class of 18 credits, which means it expects each student to spend 18 hours a week on this class. The four experiments I did in this class are:

(1) Rutherfold scattering of α particle on various metal foils

(2) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of glycerine-water mixture and Fe+++-doped water

(3) Spectrscopy of Hydrogenic Atoms and Determination of Hydrogen isotope mass ratio

(4) Franck-Hertz Experiment and Ramsauer-Townsend Experiment


- 3.986 (The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology), A , Dr. Harry V Merrick




MIT, Sophomore Year (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)


Spring 2007:

- 8.962 (General Relativity (Graduate Level Class)), A , cumulative score 97 out of 100, Prof. Scott A. Hughes, Prof. Edward H. Farhi, Mr. Will Farr

- 8.04 (Quantum Physics I), A+ , Prof. Marin Soljacic, Prof. Paul Schechter, Prof. Raymond Ashoori

- 7.013 (Introductory Biology), A , Prof. Hazel Sive, Prof. Richard Young, Prof. Dave Gifford, Graduate TA Ms. Megan Frances Cole

- 21H.546 (World War II in Asia), B+ , Prof. John Dower, Mr. Michael Cutler



IAP 2007 (MIT Independent Activities Period):

- 6.091 (Hands-On Introduction to EE Lab Skills), P (P/D/F Grade System), Lab Instructor Gim Hom

- 18.095 (Mathematics Lecture Series), P (P/D/F Grade System), Professors from Math Department



Fall 2006:

- 8.03 (Vibrations and Waves), A+ , Prof. Raymond Ashoori, Prof. Walter H. G. Lewin

- 18.03 (Differential Equations), A+ , Prof. Alar Toomre, Graduate TA Mr. Christopher Davis

- 3.091 (Introduction to Solid State Chemistry), A+ , Prof. Donald R. Sadoway, Prof. Craig Carter

- 21F.222 (Expository Writing for Bilingual Students), A , Dr. Carol Hawkins



Peking University , Freshman Year (Fall 2005-Spring 2006)


(All scores are in centesimal system)

Peking University Grading Scale: (1)Exam(100 points full score): A(excellent) 85-100; B(good) 75-84; C(pass) 60-74; D(fail) 0-59

(2)P/F Grade System: P(pass) 60-100; F(fail) 0-59


Spring 2006:

- Electromagnetism, A , 89

- Thermal Physics, A , 96

- Advanced Mathematics (B)(2), A , 97

- Algorithms and Data Structures (Adcanced Course in C language), A , 90

- The Historical Geography of China, A , 94

- Appreciation on Chinese and Foreign Famous Songs, A , 88

- College English(3), B , 81

- Self-defence, P (P/F Grade System)

- Introduction to Mao Tsetung Thoughts, B , 82



Fall 2005:

- Mechanics, A , 95

- Lectures on the Frontier of Modern Physics (I), P (P/F Grade System)

- Advanced Mathematics (B)(1), A , 90

- Linear Algebra (B), A , 99, 1st in class, among 170 students

- Introduction to Computation (Including basics of C language), A , 90

- Ideological and Moral Culture, A , 87

- College English (2), A , 86

- Miltary Theory, B , 82

- Shadowboxing, P (P/F Grade System)




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