The Radio Sky: Visualization

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On this page, you can choose a region of the sky and display its frequency spectrum. This plot displays the amount of emission we see on the sky as a function of the wavelength we choose to look at.

If you hover your mouse over the map, you will see a value displayed. This is the temperature of the sky at that point, but that temperature has different units for different maps. For an explanation of what these units mean, see this note. On the frequency spectrum plot, they are all compared in the same units (Jy/ster).


  • 1: Load an all-sky image below.
  • 2: Click on the "Region" button and create a "box" region on the sky.
  • 3: Click on the "Calculate frequency spectrum" button above.
  • 4: Click on the "Update Frequency Spectrum" button below.

All-Sky Radio Maps

Frequency Spectrum in selected region

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