Selected preprints by Charles J. Lada
 Postscript/PDF versions (if available) can be found in sites linked to names.
  • Star Formation Rates in Molecular Clouds and the Nature of the Extragalactic Scaling Relations
    Charles J. Lada, Jan Forbrich, Marco Lombardi & Joao F. Alves
    2012 In The Astrophysical Journal, (in press: February).
  • On the Star Formation Rates in Molecular Clouds
    Charles J. Lada, Marco Lombardi & Joao F. Alves
    2010 The Astrophysical Journal, v724, 687.
  • A Spitzer Census of Star Formation Activity in the Pipe Nebula
    Jan Forbrich, Charles J. Lada, August A. Muench, Joao Alves & Marco Lombardi
    2009 The Astrophysical Journal, v704, 292.
  • The California Molecular Cloud
    Charles J. Lada, Marco Lombardi & Joao Alves
    2009 The Astrophysical Journal, v703, 52-59.
  • The Nature of the Dense Core Population of the Pipe Nebula: Thermal Cores Under Pressure
    Charles J. Lada, Gus Muench, Jill Rathborne, Joao F. Alves & Marco Lombardi
    2008 In The Astrophysical Journal, v672 (January 1).
  • The Dynamical State of the Starless Dense Core FeSt 1-457: A Pulsating Globule?
    Esther D. Aguti, Charles J. Lada, E.A. Bergin, Joao F. Alves & Mark Birkinshaw
    2007 In The Astrophysical Journal.
  • Near-Infrared Extinction and Molecular Cloud Structure
    Charles J. Lada, Joao F. Alves & Marco Lombardi
    2007 In Protostars and Planets V, pg. 3.
  • Stellar Multiplicity and the IMF: Most Stars Are Single.
    Charles J. Lada
    2006 The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 640, L63..
  • Spitzer Observations of IC 348: The Disk Population at 2-3 Myrs.
    Charles J. Lada, August A. Muench, Kevin L. Luhman, Lori Allen, Lee Hartmann, et al.
    2006 Astronomical Journal, 121, 1547.
  • Identifying Primordial Substructure in NGC 2264.
    Paula S. Teixeira, Charles J. Lada, Erick Young, Massimo Marengo, August A. Muench, James Muzerolle, et al.
    2006 Astrophysical Journal Letters, 636, L45.
  • Embedded Clusters and the IMF
    Charles J. Lada
    2005 The Stellar Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later, Kluwer Academic Press, p. 109.
  • Star Formation in the Galaxy: An Observational Overview
    Charles J. Lada
    2005 Origins: From Early Universe to Extrasolar Planets, 19th Nishinomiya- Yukawa Symposium, Progress of Theoretical Physics Suppl., No. 158, p. 1.
  • From Dusty Filaments to Cores to Stars: An Infrared Study of Lupus 3
    Paula Teixeira, Charles J. Lada & Joao F. Alves
    2005 Astrophysical Journal, 629, 276.
  • Embedded Clusters in Molecular Clouds.
    Charles J. Lada & Elizabeth A. Lada
    2003 Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 41, pg. 57.
  • Discovery of a Dusty Ring in the Coalsack: A Dense Core Caught in the Act of Formation.
    Charles J. Lada, Tracy L. Huard, Lionel J. Crews, & Joao Alves
    2004 Astrophysical Journal, 610, 303.
  • Deep 3.8 Micron Observations of the Trapezium Cluster
    Charles J. Lada, August A. Muench, Elizabeth A. Lada & Joao F. Alves
    2004 Astronomical Journal, 128, 1254.
  • The Dynamical State of Barnard 68: A Thermally Supported, Pulsating Dark Cloud.
    Charles J. Lada, Edwin A. Bergin, Joao Alves, & Tracy L. Huard
    2003 Astrophysical Journal, 586, 286.

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