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  Accretion Disks around Young Objects. I. The Detailed Vertical Structure. D'Alessio et al (1998).

  Accretion Disks around Young Objects. II. Tests of Well-mixed Models with ISM Dust. D'Alessio et al (1999).

  On the Thermal Stability of Irradiation-dominated Pre-Main-Sequence Disks. D'Alessio et al (1999).

  Resolving Molecular Line Emission from Protoplanetary Disks Gomez et al. (2000)

  Accretion Disks around Young Objects. III. Grain Growth. D'Alessio et al (2001).

  Warm molecular layers in protoplanetary disks. Aikawa et al. (2002).

  Evidence for a Developing Gap in a 10 Myr Old Protoplanetary Disk. Calvet et al. (2002).

  Discovery of an Edge-On Disk in the MBM 12 Young Association. Jayawardhana et al. (2002).

  A Study of the Properties and SEDs of The HAeBe stars HD 34282 and HD 141569. Merin et al. (2004).
  Analysis of the SEDs and evolutionary stage of the disk-bearing stars HD 34282 and HD 141569.

  WWW database of models of accretion disks irradiated by the central star. D'Alessio et al (2004).
  Presentation of this catalog.

  Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) Colors of Young Stellar Objects. Allen et al (2004).
  Comparison of the first Spizer IRAC colours with synthetic mangitudes from the grid of models.



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