Travel and Special Events: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I allowed to travel to a personal destination, while I am traveling for official business?

A: A government fared ticket may only be purchased and used for official business travel. You may purchase your own nonrefundable ticket to include personal destinations and Travel will reimburse you up to the current roundtrip government fare for the cities of official business.

Q: Do I need to take out additional car rental insurance, when renting a car on official business?

A: When renting a government rate car within the 50 United States on official business, you do not have to take out additional insurance, as you are covered under the government rental agreement. When renting a car within a foreign country, you should take out additional insurance, as the rental agreements differ overseas.

Q: If I purchase my own ticket for business travel, can I use any airline carrier I prefer?

A: In order for SAO to be able to reimburse your ticket expense, you must use an American carrier for all air travel.

Q: What receipts will I need in order to be reimbursed?

A: You will need receipts for anything costing $75 or more. Please include registration receipts, airline ticket receipts, taxi receipts, etc. Lodging receipts must be included. Where should I list my airline ticket, registration fees, lodging taxes, etc? Please list all additional expenses in which you would like reimbursement, under Section 3 "SAO Reimbursable Business Expenses."


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