OIR Telescope Resources

The OIR division operates and maintains a number of ground based telescopes for general CfA use. Data obtained on many of these telescopes are reduced for astronomers by the staff of the Telescope Data Center. In particular, data for MMT/Hectospec, MMT/Hectochelle, Magellan/Megacam, Magellan/MMIRS, 1.5m/FAST and 1.5m/TRES are reduced for observers. Contact tdchelp at cfa.harvard.edu for details.

Using the telescopes - The Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC)

  • Hectochelle A fiber fed multiobject echelle spectrograph at the MMT
  • Hectospec A moderate dispersion 300 fiber optical spectrograph at the MMT
  • SWIRC A near-IR (YJH band) imager at the MMT
  • MMTCam A small field optical imager at the MMT
  • Megacam A 36 CCD mosaic camera for the MMT and Magellan (currently at Magellan)
  • MMIRS A multi-slit IR spectrograph for the MMT and Magellan (currently at MMT)
  • Binospec A multislit optical spectrograph installed at the MMT in late 2017
  • Other MMT instruments (MMT Spectrograph and U of Arizona PI instruments)
  • Magellan I = Baade
  • IMACS, the Inamori-Magellan Areal Camera & Spectrograph.
  • FIRE , the Folded Port InfraRed Echellete spectrograph.
  • FOURSTAR, an infrared camera.
  • MagE, an optical echellete spectrograph.
  • Magellan II = Clay
  • Megacam, a wide field optical imager.
  • LDSS3, a multi-object optical spectrograph.
  • MIKE, an optical echelle spectrograph.
  • PISCO, a multi-channel optical imager.
  • MagAO , the Magellan Adaptive Optics System.
  • M2FS , a fiber fed multiobject optical spectrograph. See here for parameters and example run information,
  • and here for reduction methods.
    FLWO Telescopes
  • FAST spectrograph
  • TRES a new fiber optic-fed echelle
  • 1.2m
  • KeplerCam CCD camera
  • OIR computing resources for desktop use are described here

    The SAO Telescope Data Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, supports the above optical telescopes operated by SAO and Harvard with the following services: