Sponsored Programs Section: Contract and Grant Administration
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  • Smithsonian Institution PI Portal
    • Effective 5 December 2013, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) PI Portal was deployed to provide a central gateway for SAO Principal Investigators (PIs), Co-PIs and Fund Managers with access to information on awards for their grants and contracts. Users are able to see financial data, such as available funds, expenses, purchase orders, invoices, milestones, travel reimbursements, and other information from ERP PeopleSoft (PS) Financials and other data sources.

      The portal will support the ability to organize your view of the information and present it in a user-friendly way. The goal of the Enterprise Application Portal project is to make ERP information more readily accessible to non-PeopleSoft users and to provide a richer, website-based user experience rather than a pillared, application-based experience. The publication of award and related financial information in the PI Portal is part of the initial implementation of the Enterprise Application Portal. SAO was involved in the design and testing of the portal and will continue to provide input as the functionality of the portal is expanded.

      The PI Portal will display similar information as the Contract & Grant Summary for PI published monthly on the Financial Management website, but the information in the PI Portal will be refreshed daily and will also include alerts, such as award ending or milestone due notifications from the PS Grants module.

      Access to specific awards is determined by Employee ID and user roles. Users are able to log into the PI Portal using their Network user ID and password (the same user ID and password users now use to log into webTA). Link to the PI Portal: https://si-portalprd.si.edu/psp/portprd/ERP/?cmd=login.

      Update June 26, 2014: The SI PI Portal has been updated to include department level access. A designated Unit Administrator can now give access to grants, contracts, and Inter-Agency Agreements (IAA) in their own department. This means authorized users will now be able to see and manage all awards for their department. Please access the web site for further information.


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