The Submillimeter Array

Science Publications: 2023

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  1. J. A. López-Vázquez, Luis A. Zapata, Chin-Fei Lee, Jet kinematics in the transversely stratified jet of 3C 84 A two-decade overview, 2023, accepted to ApJ (ADS | astro-ph)

  2. Daniel Callanan, Steven N. Longmore, Cara Battersby, H. Perry Hatchfield, Daniel L. Walker, Jonathan Henshaw, Eric Keto, Ashley Barnes, Adam Ginsburg, Jens Kauffmann, Diederik Kruijssen, Xing Lu, Elisabeth A. C. Mills, Thushara Pillai, Qizhou Zhang, John Bally, Natalie Butterfield, Yanett A. Contreras, Luis C. Ho, Katharina Immer, Katharine G. Johnston, Juergen Ott, Nimesh Patel, Volker Tolls, CMZoom III: Spectral Line Data Release, 2023, accepted to MNRAS (ADS | astro-ph)

  3. Riccardo Middei, Ioannis Liodakis, Matteo Perri, Simonetta Puccetti, et al., X-ray Polarization Observations of BL Lacertae, 2023, ApJ, 942, L10 (ADS | astro-ph)

  4. G. F. Paraschos, V. Mpisketzis, J.-Y. Kim, G. Witzel, T. P. Krichbaum, J. A. Zensus, M. A. Gurwell, A. Lähteenmäki, M. Tornikoski, S. Kiehlmann, A. C. S. Readhead, A multiband study and exploration of the radio wave - γ-ray connection in 3C 84, 2023, A&A, 669, 32 (ADS | astro-ph)

  5. R. W. Perry, S. C. Chapman, Ian Smail, F. Bertoldi, Resolving a merger in a hyper-luminous submillimeter galaxy at z=2.82, 2022, accepted to ApJ (ADS | astro-ph)

  6. H. Abe, S. Abe, V. A. Acciari, I. Agudo, et al., Multi-messenger characterization of Mrk 501 during historically low X-ray and γ-ray activity, 2022, accepted to ApJ (ADS | astro-ph)

  7. Jesse Bublitz, Joel H. Kastner, Pierre Hily-Blant, Thierry Forveille, Miguel Santander-García, Javier Alcolea, Valentin Bujarrabal, David J. Wilner, Rodolfo Montez Jr., Isabel Aleman Mapping NGC 7027 in New Light: CO+ and HCO+ Emission Reveal Its Photon- and X-Ray-dominated Regions, 2023, ApJ, 942, 14 (ADS | astro-ph)

  8. J. Cairns, D. L. Clements, J. Greenslade, G. Petitpas, T. Cheng, Y. Ding, A. Parmar, I. Pérez-Fournon, D. Riechers, The Nature of 500 Micron Risers II: Sub-mm Faint Dusty Star Forming Galaxies, 2023, MNRAS, 519, 709 (ADS | astro-ph)