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This web site is an online database of interplanetary shocks observed by the Wind and ACE spacecraft. These pages are maintained by Dr. Michael L. Stevens and Professor Justin C. Kasper, in support of studies of shock physics and particle acceleration. The pages are updated as new events are observed and as the analysis methods are refined. A similar analysis of the IMP-8, Voyager, and STEREO spacecraft will ultimately be added to this site if there is interest.

Use the links on the left under Select Spacecraft to select a spacecraft and view the interplanetary shocks in the database. For each spacecraft, shocks are listed by year. Selecting a year will bring you to a web page that lists every event that was analyzed in that year, and some summary information. Click on any individual event to view figures that summarize the observations, data selection, and the analysis, along with tables that list derived quantities and their uncertainties.

Follow the other links to learn more about the shock analysis methods employed in this database, and to read about publications that make use of the database and of recent scientific results and publications.


Leaving the Heliosphere

Observations of the Voyager II termination shock crossing have been published in Nature. Follow this link for a copy of our article on the surprising results.


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