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Our Place in Time

Anchored by the Cosmic Kitchen Theatre, this area invites visitors to reflect on the notion that our human story is intimately linked to the unfolding story of the universe. Although life as we know it has only existed for a brief moment of the great cosmic history, we can look back in time and examine the expanding, evolving universe to find our own connections to the Big Bang.

Cosmic Kitchen introduces visitors to their role in the story of the universe. This short theatrical production explores the 14 billion year history of the universe and the "recipe" for our own existence. Go deeper into Carl Sagan's quotation, "in order to bake an apple pie from scratch, first you have to invent the universe."

Cosmic Calendar highlights the major events throughout the history of the universe and how they relate to the story of life as we know it. This giant calendar shows the 14 billion year history of the universe as if it occurred in a single year. Which atoms in your body are the oldest? Find out here.

The Big Bang guides visitors in thinking about how we can examine and understand conditions at the beginning of the universe through a display about the Big Bang scenario and the evidence supporting it. Listen to Einstein guide you as you explore 3D models of "space-time"; peek into a model of the expanding universe; examine the evidence for a Big Bang; and take and interactive journey through time.

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