Individual Surveys: Taurus (DHT21)

Dame, Hartmann, & Thaddeus (2001), ApJ, 547, 792

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FITS Cubes
10 MB each
Raw:    DHT21_Taurus_raw.fits
Raw Header:    DHT21_Taurus_raw.txt
Interpolated*:    DHT21_Taurus_interp.fits
Moment masked:    DHT21_Taurus_mom.fits

* In each spectrum, <= 2 missing channels are filled by linear interpolation. In each spatial
plane, single missing pixels are filled by linear interpolation, first in l direction, then b.


Owing to the frequency switching mode used for this survey, its velocity range is relatively small, -22 to 30 km/s. This range is adequate to cover essentially all the CO emission at b < -5, but not so at higher latitudes closer to the Galactic plane. In the range b = -5 to -2 it is better to use one of the second quadrant surveys (DHT17 or DHT18), which have wider velocity coverage. The interpolated cube is recommended as it fills in a few missing spectra at random locations as well as the 1/4° sampling along the bottom.