Individual Surveys: R CrA (DHT03)

Dame et al. (1987), ApJ, 322, 706

move cursor over image for interpolated version

FITS Cubes
138 kB each
Raw:    DHT03_RCrA_raw.fits
Raw Header:    DHT03_RCrA_raw.txt
Interpolated*:    DHT03_RCrA_interp.fits
Moment masked:    DHT03_RCrA_mom.fits

* In each spectrum, <= 2 missing channels are filled by linear interpolation. In each spatial
plane, single missing pixels are filled by linear interpolation, first in l direction, then b.


The sampling is fairly tightly constrained to the emission region. The infrared analysis in DHT2001 suggests that there may be a bit more emission at more negative latitudes (see Fig. 8b).