Hectospec Observers Manual

Hectospec Observers Cheat Sheet (1 page list of instructions)

Fiber Assignment Programs 

Observer Responsibilities

Exposure Time Calculator

Data Reduction Information 

Old Operations Manual (contains important figures, but much out of date material on operations)

Hectospec Hardware Reference Manual

Hectospec Data Archive for reduced data from Hectospec spectrograph.

General Info

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Instrument Layout
View of Fiber Positioners

Hectospec Positioner and Spectrograph


Hectospec, the MMT's 300 Optical Fiber-Fed Spectrograph

Construction of the Hectospec: 300 optical fiber-fed spectrograph for the converted MMT

Targeting and sequencing algorithms for the Hectospec's optical fiber robotic positioner

PI: Daniel Fabricant
Project Engineer: Robert Fata

Hectospec is a moderate-resolution, multiobject optical spectrograph fed by 300 optical fibers. The instrument is composed of a robotic positioner and a large, bench-mounted spectrograph, joined by a bundle of 25m long optical fibers.

Dual robots reconfigure all 300 optical fibers in just 300 seconds.

The spectrograph offers 5770Å of spectral coverage at ~6Å resolution in the 350 to 1000 nm band. A higher dispersion grating offering ~3Å resolution is also available.

The spectrograph has been in operation since 2004.