MIRSI: A Mid-Infrared Spectrometer and Imager

MIRSI (Mid-InfraRed Spectrometer and Imager) is a mid-infrared camera system with both spectroscopic and imaging capabilities. The MIRSI team led by astronomer Lynne Deutsch developed the instrument at Boston University, with funding from the NSF and Boston University. MIRSI is a supported instrument at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) on Mauna Kea. Interested parties may contact the support astronomers at the IRTF for help in preparing proposals.

Current Instrument Status (Sept. 2021):
MIRSI is being offered at the IRTF as shared-risk for 2022A

See the announcement and current information on the IRTF web page.

The upgrades to MIRSI, including operation with the cryocooler, wiring, and electronics replacement, and integration with the MIRSI Optical Camera (MOC) are complete. The IRTF staff have tested MIRSI on the sky in 2021. Engineering work is still ongoing, but the system should have the sensitivity demonstrated as described at the above link, so observers can review the performance and determine whether their science goals can be accomplished.

See the DPS poster describing the project:

The (new) Mid-Infrared Spectrometer and Imager (MIRSI) for the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, Hora, J. L., Trilling, D., Mommert, M., Smith, H. A., Moskovitz, N., Marscher, A., Tokunaga, A., Bergknut, L., Bonnet, M., Bus, S. J., Connelly, M., Rayner, J., & Watanabe, D. 2015, DPS, 47, #312.21

Pre-2012 MIRSI Information

The information below documents the original LN2/LHe MIRSI instrument as it was used on the IRTF prior to 2012.

For up-to-date instrument information, see the MIRSI page on the IRTF web site.

Instrument Information

Data Reduction Scripts

The MIRSI Team is:

PI: L.K. Deutsch (deceased), James Jackson ( CfA/BU IAR )
Co-PI: J. Hora ( Harvard-Smithsonian CfA )
Team: J. Adams (SOFIA )
Team: M. Kassis (Keck Telescope)

Sample Results

MIRSI sees first light!
MIRSI's first run at the IRTF Oct. 30 - Nov. 8, 2002

Introduction to MIRSI science


The graph below shows the number of nights per semester that MIRSI has been been scheduled to be used on the IRTF, either alone or sharing with another instrument.

Publications based on MIRSI data

Instrument papers

When writing papers based on MIRSI data, please cite the following instrument papers:

Other instrument papers:

Science Publications based on MIRSI

The list below is not complete, but is a sample of the research performed using MIRSI data acquired at the IRTF.

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