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The information here is in the process of being updated now that build 10 of the KIC has been delivered. Some additional documentation for the plots and files is being assembled and will be included once finished.

KIC Format - Summary of the format of the Kepler Input Catalog.

KIC Format - Plain text file from the KIC10 submission.

ICD - The Interface Control Document between the Stellar Classification Program and the Science Operations Office. (pdf)

ICD - Newest (August 2008), but unsigned working version of the Interface Control Document (Word .doc file).

48-inch pointings within the FOV (Postscript map)

Algorithm description - (Postscript document) Detailed description of the processing of the raw photometry and positional measurements into the finished KIC.

Source code directory - Directory containing KIC software source code as described in above Postscript document.

Ancillary files as described in above Postscript document.

Quality control files as described in abolve Postscript document.

Extinction plots - Plots representing the best photometric nights through July 2008.

Diagnostic plots for evaluating photometric performance. A thorough description of these plots is under construction. This directory is ordered by local date of observation.

Photometric Pointing Evaluation Text file detailing number of visits and RMS photometric uncertainties for each pointing in the KIC. (2008 July 29)

Stellar Classification Program Plan (pdf)

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