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I enjoy to share my excitement about the wonders of the Universe with the public. It is a great pleasure to present recent developements in astrophysics to wide variety of people and explain recent and past research results in a simple way, and more importantly, show them the action in the night sky. I am still an active writer and editor for the only Swiss magazine ORION, and I was a very active member of the largest public observatory of Switzerland.

ETH Day: explaining my thesis research

At a summer school: explaining the Solar System

Flipped science fair at a public elementary school

Astro Chats: How do galaxies grow? (see movie)

Astronomy Magazine ORION

I am a writer and an editor of the astronomy magazine ORION. It is the only Swiss astronomy magazine. We want to present scientific findings in understandable language in order to make astronomy accessible for beginners of all ages. Active observers should be able to find precise references to upcoming events and photographers to publish their best recordings.

Here are some of my recent articles (in German):

Astronomy Club near Zurich

From a young age, I have been part of the outreach team of the observatory of B├╝lach - a local observatory close from where I grew up. I really enjoyed presenting and explaing the night sky to the public. In addition, I was the president of the observatory from 2013-2017.