Extrasolar Planets


Theoretical models of: Super-Earth planets; close-in gas giant planets; stellar models of their parent stars; models of protoplanetary disks.
Transit Surveys to discover new planets: the HAT Network.
High-Precision Photometry: MOST space telescope; Kepler mission.

"Extrasolar Planets", D. Sasselov, Nature, v.451, 29, 2008.

"Inevitability of Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths", D. Valencia, R. O'Connell, D. Sasselov, Astrophys.J., 670, L45.

First Planet from the HATNet: HAT-P-1b - A Strange Low-Density Hot Jupiter: Bakos, Noyes, Kovacs, Latham, Sasselov, Torres, Fischer, et al. (2006, astro-ph/0609369).

The New Transiting Planet - OGLE-TR-10b:
Konacki, Torres, Sasselov & Jha (2004, astro-ph/0412400).

The New Transiting Planet - OGLE-TR-113b - our data Konacki, Torres, Sasselov & Jha (2004) - (astro-ph/0404541),
and the Geneva Observatory data - Bouchy et al.(2004) - (astro-ph/0404264).

New Transiting Planet - OGLE-TR-56b - first one discovered by transits - Nature, January 30, 421, 507-509, 2003 - (astro-ph/0301052).
Nature News & Views

More about the OGLE-TR-56 System: Sasselov (2003, ApJ, 596, 1327) & Torres et al. (2003, astro-ph/0310114).

Sodium lines detection by D. Charbonneau et al. ( astro-ph/0111544) confirms prediction of high-cloud-base model of S. Seager \& D. Sasselov (2000) - upper plot in the Figure.


HATNet: five small telescopes in an autonomous system.
MOST: Microvariability and Oscillations of Stars Microsatellite Space Mission.
Kepler mission.

Old Papers:

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SWG Member of the Kepler mission - vita.


All About Exoplanets (A PowerPoint file) - CfA interns seminar - July 2004.