Robert P. Kirshner

      Clowes Professor of Science

      Harvard University

Photo credit: Lynn Barry Hetherington


Contact Information


Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

60 Garden St. , MS 19

Cambridge, MA 02138 


Office: P-322, 

Phone: (617) 495-7519, 

Fax: (617) 495-7467

Assistant: Lisa Catella (617) 495-7390


Teaching, Lectures, Popular Writing 


Science of the Physical Universe 19: The Energetic Universe a general education course at Harvard College


The Extravagant Universe:  exploding stars, dark energy and the accelerating cosmos  From Princeton University Press—now translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Czech


Speaking engagements through Jodi Solomon Speakers


Annenberg Foundation Web-based physics course: Dark Energy unit



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Brief Biography


Papers on astro-ph


CV & Recent Publications (pdf)



Discovery of Dark Energy


Thoughts on the discovery of dark energy


Cfa Announcement of Gruber Prize


APS Letters about discovery of cosmic acceleration


Physics World on discovery of cosmic acceleration


Fundamentals of Supernova Cosmology



Scientific Activities


The CfA Supernova Group


ESSENCE: Measuring the Equation of State of the Universe


The High-Z Supernova Team


       SINS: The Supernova INtensive Survey